One Riverside Commercial

One Riverside Commercial comprises 18 units for lease on the ground level of the residential blocks and two separate stand-alone facilities for a fitness facility and concept restaurant. The commercial units ranging from 94 to 265 square metres are available for selected food and beverage outlets, retailers and lifestyle services.


Fitness & Lifestyle Services


Cafes & Restaurants


Fresh Produce Everyday

Fitness Facility

Prominently located between the commercial and residential blocks of One Riverside, the Club House is an excellent choice if you are looking at establishing a fitness and recreational facility. Other potential tenants include those offering health and wellness services. This is a prime choice for astute business operators.

Concept Dining

One Riverside offers a lifestyle many aspire to have. A stand-alone building situated at the entrance of the development provides opportunities for potential restaurant owners to customise the building according to their dining concept. Create a unique ambience which caters to discerning diners. The opportunities are endless at One Riverside.